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Paddler Her Way: Red Paddle Co Feature

Sarah Blues fell in love with paddleboarding a few years ago and is now a paddleboarding addict. She is also making a strong movement, campaigning for diversity & inclusivity in outdoor kit & empowering women from all over, to get out onto the water and overcome barriers.

‘I was rubbish, I literally spent the whole time falling off but I just loved it, I loved the challenge and before I knew it, I met this wonderfully diverse community of people’ – Sarah Blues

We are celebrating Sarah’s story to inspire other women and encourage everyone to get outdoors! Red Paddle Co say, ”Sarah total empowers the women community here. She makes you feel like you can do anything. She is a superstar, she the most inspirational person I’ve ever known in this sport.”

Red were lucky enough to meet her ‘cheerleaders’ and join her and her community for a paddle, where she shared her story of passion, enjoyment, and ambition for adventure. We quickly learned how this woman, who can only be described as an inspiration to the wider outdoor community, is an incredible asset to the sport.

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