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SUP River Life: Breaking The Ice of Winter

Dan-Erik Westerlind literally breaks the ice for his paddle in his backyard for over 3 months.

We have not been able to paddle since beginning of December in our backyard. Now it´s spring and the river starts to open. It´s grand opening and I´m really happy! – Dan-Erick

Sup River Life is a vlog with Stand Up Paddle boarding life. We are Erika and Dan-Erik Westerlind, a married couple from Sweden. Most of the time we take our paddle boards in our backyard in the river Jädraån. We also like to exploring other water and experience short touring adventures with our isup race boards. In the future we hope to tour longer, do expedition and wild camping with our paddle board. We vlog / blog with our stand up paddleboards. Sometimes we also do test and tips. It not easy to paddle and handle the camera while paddling, but I do my best to be a vlogger / blogger and paddler. We hope you enjoy our videos! Keep on paddleboarding, have a lot of fun and good vibes only!

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2 years ago

Thank you very much, we really appreciate it! /Dan-Erik

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