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Can I have a Fliteboard for Christmas please? / Our 2 weeks with a Fliteboard

Dear Santa,
I haven’t written in a while…sorry, I have been busy making videos.
I know it might take up a large amount of room on your sleigh and it’s very heavy and a funny shape. (I’m sure you can fit some other presents around it.) But myself and the rest of the SUPboarder team would love a Fliteboard this year for Christmas.
I know it isn’t the cheapest toy at €13’500, but it goes really fast and can go really far too. And I promise it will put a lot of smiles on the faces of my friends and family this year.

Anyway, fly safe and don’t forget your mask and hand gel this year!

Thanks in advance

Reuben and the SUPboarder team

Ps… if you can’t fit it under the tree you can leave it in the garden around the back. 

Ok... it's unlikely to happen, but we will try anything to get our hands on a Fliteboard again!

It all started when we were lucky enough to be lent the ultimate toy for two weeks earlier this month… A Fliteboard from Tris who runs a Fliteschool at OTC Watersports in Weymouth.

With a top speed of 45kph /28mph and a battery life of an hour and a half you really can go places with this electric foil board. And with a charge time of 45min-1hr this could be a potential water commuters dream.

I don’t think the SUPboarder Crew have ever laughed so much at each other before, from flying, crashing and generally thrashing ourselves on the water! Yes the Fliteboard is fast enough to get the blood pumping and the adrenaline moving. But you don’t have to go fast to enjoy the amazing feeling of effortlessly foiling across the water. That’s the best bit… you are in control every step of the way (well, meant to be anyway!)

We were amazed how easy it was to pick up even for people who have not foiled before, and how much fun you can have silently gliding along the waters surface.

We fully understand that the Fliteboard is well over many peoples Christmas budgets. But if you’re interested in learning how to foil then we would definitely recommend getting yourself on a Fliteboard lesson to really speed up your progression and increase your confidence when learning to fly. Look out for a video soon from Harry ‘Happy’ Newton our SUP Vlogger who show’s you how quick the learning curve can be.

We look forward to having a go on one again soon. If you have used a Fliteboard before please let us know your thoughts and also what gear you got into!


If you want to give one a go and get on a lesson next year, check out the OTC Watersports, Fliteschool in Weymouth UK .

For more infomation on Fliteboard and to find other Fliteschools around the world visit.

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3 years ago

Great video giuys..But id like to point out to anyone interested …any efoil board can be used to gain the skillset you spoke of …not just Flite !
Takuma or Lift for instance

3 years ago

What a Great video of your eFoil experience. Thanks… allthough you are not maskingevær it easier NOT to but one, and it reeeeeally qiut a lot of Money. I wounder what the Maintenance cost are, and if the battery looses it’s “power” over time?.. one year, or lees…?!? Anyway, I will be looking out for the Vlog, and hope you will get the chance to do one of your thorough reviews or even a comparison of efoils one Day. If there are any others… Lift?… Mary Christmas Guys, and Thanks for a Great and Honest “Magazine”. High Paddle from Denmark… Read more »

3 years ago

Epic Vlog. Ruben wins best crash haha. Great edit aswell!!

Sarah Thornely
3 years ago

Great video guys – I had a go on a Takuma a few weeks ago at The Surrey Hills Adventure Company – such great fun but need to go back to “fly” as only had a taster session 🙂

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