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Million Meals Paddle

A long distance paddle on the island of Bali, Indonesia and organised by Scholars of Sustenance to raise desperately needed funds and food for the people of Bali affected by coronavirus and the lack of tourism. Get behind it!

Scholars of Sustenance is a food rescue foundation. The Million Meals Paddle can be entered by people in Bali who want to support the rebuilding of of their people and lifestyles. SUP, surfing, kayak, paddleboarding – any means of paddler will be entering and supporting this incredible cause.

If you have been to Bali, you know the kindness, welcoming nature and hospitality the people bring to their work and homeland. Let’s get behind this drive to rebuild tourism and Bali’s struggling community. You can also donate to the cause.

Scholars of Sustenance’s mission is to create food equity in which lower social economic communities have access to life’s basic necessity of nutrition. SOS is not only a humanitarian organisation collecting surplus food from large commercial outlets and delivering it to those who need it most, but they remain focussed on the environmental aspect of food waste and production.

So, by collecting the food that otherwise goes to waste and giving it to the people who are struggling, they are providing them with a lifeline that in time should allow them to reach other life resources that many of us take for granted.

Find more about their Million Meals Paddle and donate here: and on their website:

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