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Nautical, iRocker and Blackfin / inflatable paddleboard range overview

Nautical, iRocker and Blackfin are boards that we get lots of questions about at SUPboarder. All three come under the iRocker brand but they are very different from each other, with very different price points, and available in different sizes and constructions, with different fittings. In this SUPboarder overview video we help you understand what makes the boards different and which would be best for you.

All the boards come complete as a package with a good quality pump, padded backpack, coiled leash and three-piece paddle, allowing you to get on the water straight out of the box. The wide choice of boards means that whatever your budget, and ability, if you’re after an all round board then it’s more than likely there’s one to suit you.

If you’re after a cheaper price point board to get you on the water then check out the Nautical board. If you’re a beginner/intermediate paddler after a mid price point board available in a larger choice of sizes, check out the iRocker range . And if you’re a more committed paddler looking for a top of the range board for maybe touring or fishing then look towards the Blackfin range.

The Nautical Double Layer board has a deflection 20mm at 15psi -19mm at 18psi

The iRocker Triple Layer composite board has a deflection 14mm at 15psi – 13mm at 18psi

The Blackfin Triple Layer composite + Carbon Rail board has a deflection 12mm at 15psi – 11mm at 18psi

Visit the iRocker's website for more information

Boards in 2020 - Nautical range

Boards in 2020 - iRocker range

Boards in 2020 - Blackfin range

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