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A fishing adventure with an Aqua Marina Bluedrive K Powerfin

After enjoying playing around with the Aqua Marina Bluedrive S Powerfin last year, it was time to up the game and go further and do more with the Bluedrive K.

Love them or hate them, electric powerfins are here to stay! For many paddlers they can be a great paddle aid if used in the right way.
With Aqua Marina being one of the first brands to bring out a powerfin, the Bluedrive S fin with its built in battery, it was a natural step to make a powerfin that had the potential to go further and last longer. The new Bluedrive K is supplied without a battery allowing you to customise your ride and add your own battery size to suit your paddle adventure needs.
For paddlers like myself wanting to use the Bluedrive K as more of a full time paddle assist to use when fishing and getting somewhere further afield, the ability to add more or just a bigger battery really is a game changer!

In my test session I did go over the top with the amount of power! (but it’s all I had!) I used a 12V 110ah which was more than enough power to do over 7 miles at full power, and the battery was left with a good amount of charge still in it. At a guess I think my set up would have done at least 10miles and about 4-5hrs at full power.

Obviously you have got to think safety and be wise about your decision of where you go and what you paddle with. For example always take a spare normal fin with you so if your power system does fail you can paddle home, and also use the relevant safety gear that you would normally take paddle boarding with you. And remember like all electrical and moving components keeping your gear in good condition off the water is also key. If you keep your powerfin and battery in good condition, the Bluedrive K is going to be a great asset for many paddlers out there… and I am one of them!

A quick word on the Calibre boat… board!

Yes this is a kayak and its not marketed as a SUP, but with the Bluedrive K it worked so well as a SUP. The stability it gave me and the amount of gear I could carry it was perfect for my fishing adventure.
But without the Bluedrive it was very slow and didn’t really paddle in a straight line (without a different fin and a bit of customisation!) For more of a classic super stable SUP that you could use either with or without a power fin, the Drift from Aqua Marina would be better suited for many paddlers.

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