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Anthony Maltese SUP Surfing Wind Swell

Anthony Maltese is back at it again with another SUP surfing edit. This time, Anthony highlights the difference in swell periods and shows us how he reads the waves when there’s a small period swell hitting the coast.

Make sure you notice where Anthony is looking when he is surfing. It is really important to be constantly scanning and reading the wave in front of you so you know which manoeuvre to perform. Anthony does this perfectly as you can tell he is always thinking on the wave and spotting where he will perform the turn and where his landing is.

Anthony has also filmed this edit during a 6ft @ 8 seconds swell. He mentions he usually releases edits when it is 12-14 seconds, so this gives viewers a better perspective of what they might be usually surfing at their home break. With a smaller swell period, waves break closer together.

Want to learn more about forecasts and swell period? Read our other feature here:

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