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Technically perfect & smooth SUP surfing from Finn Spencer… WOW

There are some really good SUP surfers out there, and many of them you’ll probably have heard of before. But the name Finn Spencer may be a relatively new name to many of you. Since he was a talented SUP grom we’ve been keeping a close eye on Finn. And in this latest video you can really see his talent and how his riding has gone up to the next level. Shot whilst out in Peru it many not be the best quality of footage but Finn’s impressive riding makes it so worth a watch.

His timing and placement on the wave is perfect. And in this video he shows us what we think are some of the best full round house cut backs we’ve seen on film. We’ve spoken about board placement in our own technique videos before, and Finn shows us an absolute perfect technique allowing him to keep both speed and flow… this really is very good surfing.

Whether he’s on a short board on SUP Finn is definitely a very talented surfer who’s worth watching for great technique and inspirational surfing.

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