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The NEW Yellow V inflatable paddleboard range overview

In this SUPboarder video we look at the 2020 Yellow V inflatable paddleboard range. Yellow V are a newer iSUP brand based in Netherlands and Denmark. Yellow V's mission is to get more peolpe out of the house onto the water. Getting you fit while looking smart.

The internal core and construction of these boards may be very similar to other boards on the market. But above that double layer of PVC the look of these boards is very different compared to anything else we’ve seen. Without a doubt this range of boards has had more comments whilst we’ve been reviewing them, than any other boards we’ve looked at so far.

They have got some great features on their boards including bungee tie downs in multiple places, excellent carry handles all over the board, and a simple offset centre carry handle makes the boards look and feel very different from other boards in the same price range. They also come with some added extras including a good quality dry bag and phone case, towel and games. With all these extra board features and accessories it’s clear these boards have been well designed, to be used by many different types and ages of paddlers. We are impressed with this new fresh looking range of paddleboards from yellow V. But as always, if you’ve used any of these boards or have any comments please let us know in the comments section of the board post below.


Visit the Yellow V website for more information

Boards featured in video - Click a board to read more & leave your own review

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3 years ago

Great review as always and it persuaded us to get one! Hopefully it will arrive within the next few days. The guys at Yellow V were very helpful. First time SUP’ing and we are looking forward to it and trying wing surfing too.

Last edited 3 years ago by richtwf
3 years ago

Looks like a nice board. With the offset handle and lack of centreline, it might be more difficult for people to spot their balance point. something to consider.

3 years ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

I’m sure your right!

Miguel Loos
Miguel Loos
3 years ago

Great review, it made me go check one of the boards at a rental spot in the Netherlands. I noticed a few things that might be interesting to share. The hartbeat-line is cut into the padding, well noticeable with bear feet, so not every spot on the board is equally comfortable (but if you stand right in the middle then your feet are in-between the lines). The boards I saw were used for teaching a whole season long, but still looked okay and undamaged. Colour wise they had slightly faded from deep black (as I saw on your review) into… Read more »

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