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Speed, distance & SUP fishing / First test of the Aqua Marina Bluedrive S Power fin & Drift board

"It's lazy" they said. "It defeats the object" they said. I completely agree... but my word it's fun!

In this video I get out on the water to do my first test of the Aqua Marina Bluedrive S  Power fin and the super stable Drift iSUP… whilst going SUP fishing at the same time… result!
For many paddlers, (me included initially) the whole idea of an electric fin might seem like it defeats the object of paddleboarding. But people use an electric bicycle, so why not an electric fin?! Could it be used to make those paddling days out that bit more of an adventure?!

With just over 1 hour of battery length it certainly gives you enough power and time to really get somewhere…or get back from somewhere! It cruises comfortably at 2.5mph which will get you 2.5miles without paddling at all!

The important thing I’ve got to stress is that even when using the Power fin you must still consider your paddling abilities. Only go as far as you’re willing to physically paddle back. Maybe only use the power fin for the return journey. Or if possible start your journey heading up wind with the Power fin, then when you Power fin stops you can use the wind to help you on the return journey home.

So my first impressions are. Lazy?… Yes. It defeats the object of SUP?… Maybe. Does it have a place in the SUP market?… Absolutely!

For SUP fishing it’s incredible and many anglers will really see some amazing benefits to this Power fin. But also for many paddlers who are struggling to paddle that longer distance with their faster paddling buddies. Or for families wanting to load up their boards with kids and kit for a fun adventure, the Power fin certainly has its place.  If used at the correct time in the correct conditions this could be a real game changer for many paddlers of different abilities.

I can definitely say that for SUP fishing it can be a real game changer. It basically turns your simple paddleboard into a boat! Therefore allowing you to access more waterways or carry more gear with ease.

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QR: Speed, distance & SUP fishing / First test of the Aqua Marina Bluedrive S Power fin & Drift board

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