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Sup Vlogger Ep10 / Should a couple buy a tandem SUP?

“Should a couple buy a tandem SUP instead of two single SUPs?” That was the question that we put to Harry 'Happy' Newton our SUP Vlogger. Follow Harry, Nic and Lola the dog for a day paddling and what they thought of paddling a tandem!

“At first I was sceptical about a tandem being any good or right for us, but after having time to think about it during lockdown I came round to the idea. When we go paddling together we usually go to find a quiet beach and take lunch for the day or a bbq in the evening and actually a tandem is perfect for that. It has so much storage space there was plenty of room for sandwiches, snacks, drinks, towels, beach gear and the dog. Also Nic and I usually paddle at different speeds but the tandem meant that each of us could paddle at a comfortable pace (or I could fly the drone and take pictures) and we would still make good ground towards our destination. It’s big enough to fit a small child or two on too so one person can concentrate on them and the other on paddling. So if you’re thinking about a tandem and usually paddle together I would definitely recommend it. A massive thanks to AquaMarina for lending us the board.”

More infomation about the - Aqua Marina Super Trip Tandem

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