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The Tamar Descent / 100km Source to Sea SUP Adventure VLOG

Will, Rach and Gavin had been planning another bucket list paddle for several years, this time aiming to paddle 100km down the river Tamar, source to sea. This VLOG follows their adventure as it unfolded including a lot of combat paddling through a very overgrown river bed.

The river Tamar runs 100km from the north coast of the UK’s south western peninsular to the southern coast.  Starting as just a small babbling brook barely deep enough to paddler in, the river slowly opens out to a fast moving river with white water sections before coming a  a tidal estuary that has history of large amounts of shipping and military activity. Will was joined by readers and testers Rach and Gavin to take on the source to sea challenge. Vegetation, daylight hours, and vehicle logistics made up just some of the challenges to complete this trip…. take a watch to see how the adventure unfolded and the drama set in…. it might just inspire you for your own adventure!

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Sarah Thornely
1 year ago

Respect on The Tamar guys – I had two weekends of paddling on my knees (WW and adventuring) and they were shot!!! Great video 🙂

Beau Nixon
1 year ago
Reply to  Sarah Thornely

Thanks for the kind words. It’s hard work on the knees!

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