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Get into Downwinding series # 2 Your first downwinder / Vblog

In this video #2 we look at weather forecasts, tides, and how to find the best locations to get you on the water for your first successful downwinder. This video is done in a vblog style and we aim to provide you with all the information and inspiration needed to give downwinding a try.

Downwinding is great fun, and to give it a go for the first time you really don’t need to have the latest specialist kit or be a super athlete. We really hope that this video series will give you the confidence to get out on the water in the wind with the kit you’ve got in the garage, and give downwinding a go!

About the series & other information
This new SUPboarder video series is all about feeling the wind on your back and how to get into one of the most exhilarating sides to our sport… Downwinding. It’s one of the simplest SUP disciplines and it can be done almost anywhere, from narrow rivers to open seas. This series of 3 videos is going to give you all the downwind information you need to get you on the water safely.

Watch part 1 here : Get into Downwinding series # 1 The basics & getting started

If you want to find out more about the route paddled in this video check out the paddle on GeoSUP for the full detail, and also look at the web link here, to finds out the highlight information :

Boards used
Lucy on SIC Bullet 14’x27”
Reuben on SIC RS 14’x26”


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Jack Tally
Jack Tally
1 year ago

Hey guys. I would love to see an update on PFDs for downwinding. There are some great slim profile models out there. I was going to buy an NRS Ninja, The Atmos 40 looks like a feature-rich pfd that would add the additional safety for Downwinding AND provide the requisite mobility. Can we see an in-depth review of what kind of features important in a downwind pfd. Thanks.

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