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Get into Downwinding series # 1 The basics & getting started

This new SUPboarder video series is all about feeling the wind on your back and how to get into one of the most exhilarating sides to our sport… Downwinding. It’s one of the simplest SUP disciplines and it can be done almost anywhere, from narrow rivers to open seas. This series of 3 videos is going to give you all the downwind information you need to get you on the water safely.

Starting off with this video #1 we talk about what exactly downwinding is and we take a look at the basic gear needed to get you on the water safely for the first time. Look out for video #2 where we will be doing a small estuary/river downwinder and giving you all the information you need for a successful first downwinder. And in #3 we will be talking about going on more adventurous paddles in more open water/sea states.

Downwinding is great fun, and to give it a go for the first time you really don’t need to have the latest specialist kit or be a super athlete. We really hope that this video series will give you the confidence to get out on the water in the wind and give downwinding a go!

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