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A beginners look at downwinding / Georgie’s first downwinder

SUP downwinding is such a great fun side of the sport to get into. With a bit of planning it can be done safely and enjoyed early in your SUP development. We have already done a downwinding series highlighting what you need to consider to get you on the water downwinding for the first time. But there's nothing quite like seeing somebodys first experience! Will from SUPboarder takes Georgie on her first ever downwinder and captures it in a little blog to help inspire others to give it a go.

There’s no doubt that the longer your board is the better it will glide across the water and easier it will catch small bumps created by the wind. But that doesn’t mean you have to have a specialist board to give it a go. Any board will do to give you that downwinding experience and bug!

Boards used in this video

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