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How to look after your PFD so it can look after you!

It's important you keep your PFD aswell as your other paddle gear in good working order to help keep you safe when afloat.

Did you know that your PFD has a lifespan? And the length of that life, will depend on the amount you use it and how well you look after it. Keeping your PFD (personal flotation device) in top condition is not only better for you on the water but also better for your wallet on dry land too, because by looking after your PFD the less often you will need to replace it. In this video we show you how to buoyancy test and best care for your PFD to keep it in good condition and to continue doing the job it’s designed to do… help keep you afloat and safe. Palm are without a doubt a top producer of paddle and safety gear and have a huge amount of knowledge about being a safe and comfortable paddler.

Find out more about Palm Equipment and caring for your PFD on their website

Some of the Palm gear used in this video

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