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2023 Gong Inflatable Range

Gong Galaxy have released their 2023 range of inflatable SUPs which feature some new developments.

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As a pioneer in Stand-Up Paddleboarding and its development in inflatable technology, we are committed to providing an offer that sets the benchmark. Every detail  on the new range is carefully studied so that your experience on the water is as you imagined it and no other way. This new range displays, for example, a new expandable load system (ELS) which allows you to fix your belongings, your luggage, your water bottle or simply your paddle better than any other solution.

Your comfort and your grip are ensured by a new stylish pad called Velvet Traction Pad in 5mm. The feeling is ultra soft and you can feel the board perfectly under your feet. The board is all the more responsive. Long sessions without tiring or slipping are all yours!

With its top of the range inflatable technology in Doubled Layered Welded Woven Dropstitch, this GONG board is beautiful, light, very rigid and really solid.

Full Option is quite simply the standard on the different models of the Couine Marie range. Each variation of the range benefits from the equipment that makes them the top of the line for the various uses they’re designed for. From the carrying handles to the fins, to the top-of-the-range pad, nothing is missing on these boards which are delivered in a well thought out, robust and practical transport bag… that has wheels!

A variety of shapes

True to our desire to include everyone in our offer, our range of shapes offer accessible, versatile and/or specialized solutions to SUPers of all levels and backgrounds:

  • The SHORTSUP, the inflatable SUP board with real radical surfing capacities.
  • The LONGSUP for surfing small waves with style, and for occasional cruising.
  • The ALLROUND SUP, easy board and perfect allrounder to alternate between surfing and cruising.
  • The CRUISING SUP, designed for cruising, accessible and comfy in all conditions.
  • The EXPLORER SUP, designed for cruising beyond 300m in France thanks to its double chamber technology.
  • The RACE FLAT WATER SUP, for sporty outings, training and races on flat conditions.
  • The RACE SUP for sporty outings, training, races and downwinders in all types of conditions.
  • The FAMILY SUP to board up to 4 people on the same board for a stroll.
  • The RIVER SUP for downriver trips, navigation over rapids and surfing on static waves.
  • The WINDSURF SUP, versatile for surfing and cruising, with a Windsurf option to be able to sail with a rig.


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