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Head To Head Longboard Surf SUP Board Test 2022 / Gong NFA FSP Pro

In the second video of our 2022 SUPboarder PRO Head To Head Longboard Surf SUP Test, we ride the Gong NFA FSP Pro 10′ x 28 13/16″ @ 130L.

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1 year ago

thanks for that. Might just fly to europe to buy one of the Gongs from NYC. They look beautiful. So, I have a chance to buy a Sunova Style (used) 9’6″ (x 28 9/17″). and it has 112 or so liters. I am an intermediate, 90kg, and 54 years old in decent shape. I surf on a Sunova Steeze which is 8’10” fun board shape at 125 liters and have no issues. But I want to get to the nose, and I feel that the board just doesn’t hold that well when I am getting forward, and wants to pearl..… Read more »

Sean Ross
Sean Ross
1 year ago
Reply to  Beau Nixon

Kind of my feelings too. I think it will float me okay but worry that the lowish volume wouldn’t be enough for me to get to the nose. Plus, I am thinking of getting a shorter board, maybe the starboard pro that has maybe 120 liters, so that I can throw it around. But was tempted as it seems like a good price.

Pete Starr
Pete Starr
1 year ago

Hi Beau, you asked for feedback on the 360 camera. Personally I’m not a fan as for me I want to see a more natural 1st or 3rd person perspective.
Thought the Gong looked really good & great price point. Has given me a new option to mull over as I consider getting my first hard & long board!

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