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What is a SUP/Kayak Hybrid? Are they any good? / Aqua Marina Cascade 11’2 VLOG

Our initial thoughts on SUP/Kayak Hybrids was that the whole thing is a bit of a joke...but when we got one on the water, we began to have a more positive attitude....

We got sent the Aqua Marina Cascade and have been using it for a few months.  Initially we didn’t have much time for this concept, knowing that kayaking on a SUP with a detachable seat is a poor kayaking experience, we looked at the Cascade and thought it was more of the same.  However, when we got the Cascade on the water we began to see the benefits and applications of this type of board.  If you want to see if a hybrid board might work for you, check out Will’s Vlog.

As well as seeing pros and cons of this type of design of SUP in the Cascade, we also saw some of the potential innovations in the inflatable touring board design that got Will a little excited.  Follow Wills journey using this board to learn if the Cascade is right for you.

“The innovation we see in the construction of the Cascade is really exciting for the future of SUP touring. Its different, but sometimes different is quite exciting....”

Aqua Marina Cascade - Hybrid SUP/Kayak

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2 years ago

Thanks for the comprehensive review – very useful. I also assumed this would be too wide as a SUP (only from reading about SUPs – I’m new to SUPing, more of a kayaker). You review has put a positive spin on this, and made me want to investigate further, Looking for a fun item with the ‘comfort’ of a stable kayak, and the chance to try out Sup when the waters are very calm for my er…below average sense of balance.

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