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Monthly Round-up of SUP / April 2021

Welcome to our collection of the biggest news and stories that have taken place in the SUP world from the previous month. Let's recap what happened in April.

#Paddle100 - ICF Needs Your Vote For The Best Places To Paddle

Incredible adventures, breathtaking scenery and amazing paddling destinations Judges of the #Paddle100 have whittled down the Top 100 but now comes the part where you decide. The Top 20, the final stretch, the bucket list.

Get ready to cast your votes and make kayak, canoe and SUP history! Visit the ICF website for more information.


SUP Thames Challenge - 320km SUP Along The River Thames

Julia set off along the River Thames, UK with Mike Smith and they are just about to complete the 320km journey. Raising Awareness and funds for stem4, a charity supporting teenage mental health, the 10-day journey took them the full length of the River Thames.

Make sure to follow up with the SUP Thames Challenge via their Website, Facebook & Instagram pages.


The Long Paddle - Brendon Prince To Circumnavigate Mainland Britain on a SUP

Brendon Prince is attempting a world record to SUP around mainland Britain. If he completes it, this will be the longest ever distance paddled on a SUP. He is raising awareness for water safety,  which is something we all need to read up on and learn about the dangers that the ocean presents.

Track Brendon’s live location and donate to help his cause.


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