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HYPR Hawaii Brand Introduction & SUP Range Highlights

Get to know and understand the range from HYPR Hawaii SUPs. We put them to the test in a whole range of conditions so you can decide if these boards are right for you.

This was an exciting delivery at the SUPboarder HQ when the HYPR Hawaii SUPs turned up. We knew about the intriguing hull designs throughout the range and were keen to test them out.

Immediately, you can feel the difference in HYPR’s boards. They are a solid build and quite heavy underarm, but once on the water, they perform as well as many other SUP brands.

Boards Used in Video

The double concave patented hull design creates lift, speed and glide through the water. The chined rails make the board track narrower which means you are getting a faster board without sacrificing stability.

A real head turner on the water, HYPR boards look great, perform well and they are a purchase you can be proud of.

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2 years ago

Thanks for the nice overview. Given the repeated comments about the heft of the boards, the one question the video begs is whether you can give some idea of the actual weights of the boards? A ball park at least would be helpful.

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