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Black Project SUP Fins / Readers review

Black Project SUP fins… What’s the difference and which one best suits you and your paddling? SUPboarder reader & tester Jonny gives us his thoughts…

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Olivier Decroly
Olivier Decroly
2 years ago

Hi. I am using the Tiger V1 for a few months now on my SB Airline and a hard race board. Both very stable boards for me. I could see a real difference with the Tiger, especially on my SB Airline vs. SB stock plastic fin. A bit faster/better glide and much easier back turns. I think BPF is a bit too cautious when saying that this fin is for advanced paddler. I got also the Ray V2 recently. I could gain some performances especially in up-wind/cross-wind conditions, as opposed to the Tiger. I put it also on a new… Read more »

Beau Nixon
2 years ago

Thanks for the comment and insights Olivier. Very much appreciated. Glad to hear you’re changing up fins for better performance. Your comment will help other readers too.

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