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Hydro SynergyX – Black Project

Introducing the latest evolution in paddling excellence — the next generation of 'super paddles' has arrived at Black Project: The Hydro SynergyX.

Offering a greatly enhanced paddling experience, the Hydro SynergyX empowers you to achieve increased board speed, maintain a higher paddling cadence, and paddle for extended durations. In partnership with world champions Seychelle Webster and Arthur Arutkin, and drawing inspiration from the success of the Hydro series, this new Black Project paddle has been meticulously tuned to dominate middle and long distance races. Prepare to redefine your paddling experience.

To achieve a combination of race winning speed and endurance, the blade has been optimized for efficiency. With a moderate blade angle of 10°, a narrower entry, and thinner blade profile, each paddle stroke is effortlessly smooth with an easy catch. The wider blade shoulders and medium depth Power Scoop give the option to increase power if needed during competitive racing or higher intensity paddle workouts.

The Hydro SynergyX incorporates our cutting-edge Advanced Flow Technology (AFT) and Power Scoop Technology (PST). The result is the now distinctive three-dimensional design which enables more efficient paddling, promoting increased board speed and reduced fatigue.

Unveiling our latest innovation, the Hydro Synergy introduces REACT+ Technology (RE+T). This incorporates two external 30T UD carbon plates, amplifying blade power, responsiveness, and energy return. Strategically placing these laminates on the outer layer of the structure multiplies the overall effect, resulting in an impressive stiffness-to-weight ratio. The RE+T is tuned for each blade size, ensuring optimal flex tailored to paddler size.


  • XL, Large, Medium, Medium-Slim, Small, Small-Slim, XS-Slim
  • Advanced Flow Technology (AFT).
  • Power Scoop Technology (PST).
  • React+ Technology (RE+T).
  • Tour Carbon Series Oval Taper shaft as standard.
  • Tour Carbon Series Round 29.0mm and 27.5mm shaft optional.
  • Hollow carbon PowerGrip ergonomic handle.
  • Slim-line blade/shaft joint.
  • Rounded edges for reduced board damage.
  • Moderate 10° blade angle.
  • Pre-preg 30T carbon construction.
  • CNC machined core.
  • Available in 1-piece and 3-piece.
  • Weight from 340 grams (12 oz).

Best For: Professional Paddlers, Advanced Paddlers, Middle- And Long-Distance Paddling, Ultras & Endurance Events, 10-15Km Euro Tour, APP & ICF Racing.

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Greg Norman
Greg Norman
6 months ago

Kinda funny actually. I was talking with Chris from Black Project on the phone in September about getting a Hydroflow X, I ended up getting a medium blem from them. It was a brand new paddle with a shaft that didn’t have their logo on the shaft. I finally had to confess to Chris why I didn’t want to get a non blem, I had heard he was coming out with a new paddle and I was going to wait to pay full retail for one of those instead. I didn’t push for any information and he briefly talked about… Read more »

Reuben Ellis
6 months ago
Reply to  Greg Norman

Thanks for your comment Greg

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