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‘Ask the Experts’ Monthly video # 8

As a SUPboarder Pro member you have the ability to ask us any questions about SUP, and get a completely honest and independent answer. The email ‘Ask the Expert’ service is something that many of you have already used and the SUPboarder team have enjoyed guiding you through the world of SUP.

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3 years ago

Knuckledraggers: Although where I surf is pretty friendly overall, I definitely, as a SUP surfer (and an intermediate) try and find my own break. I am on the beach with lots of jetties, so I can easily do this. I also try to be super nice and am vocal about giving away waves. But occasionally there are jerks out there, and it does get crowded, and I try and stay away from them. The more local proners can be more aggressive, but it usually stays merely verbal. Only once in my 2 years at this break have I seen somebody… Read more »

3 years ago

Hi Sorry to read about this incident, I appreciate the board was badly damaged, fortunate that Will got away without injury. Some personal thoughts based on my experiences, I started surfing as a teenager in the mid 70’s on the North Devon Coast and since moving to the South Coast near Brighton around 1980 have predominantly surfed the South Coast though of late more SUP’ing than surfing. Also have windsurfed a lot, though again, SUP’ing has taken a more predominant role in recent years. Currently SUP surfing in Barbados for 10 days as I write this. I’ve seen some pretty… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

Hi Ruben, Thinking more on this, other ‘bodies’ to contact and share the story with could include local/regional tourist boards, national surfing associations. local and national press etc as well as, of course the usual options of social media. Surf Tourism, is, I am sure big business for many places in the world and reputations like this are bad press. I cycle a lot ( yes not all cyclists are saints) and have had all sorts of stuff thrown out of car windows etc, at me, the point being that there are so many analogous forms of unacceptable behaviour which… Read more »

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