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Readers Video Breakdown ‘SUP Surfing Fundamentals’

In this Readers Video Breakdown, we take a look at some of the SUP surfing fundamentals that we all should be doing every time we catch a wave. This video focusses on the basic fundamentals of SUP surfing for beginner to intermediate paddlers. We highlight feet placement on the board and why moving your back […]

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JV (@jv)
13 days ago

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I really appreciate it! Your insight and advice will help next time I have the opportunity to go for waves. I just wished it would come sooner: next surfing session should be end of April (yep, hard to live far from the sea) Shorten the paddle and faster cadence should be an easy one to try. Keeping my front foot centered is definitely on top of my list. (begin the wave with a more definite surf stance) Switching the paddle when backside, got to try… Got to lean on it more too. Better reading… Read more »

Brian Rasmussen
Brian Rasmussen (@bryder)
8 days ago

Great breakdown video. Thanks to Beau for exellent break Down of all the details that malkes the difference and to JV for sharing what real life sup surf looks like for us midaged men/women who haven’t surfed all life ;o) I hope I will reach that level soon…
Beau: a comment on JV’s choice of board (and fin setup?) – does it fit JV in your opinion?

JV (@jv)
6 days ago

Hi Brian, My feeling is that the board is great to begin with. As I have it in “windsup” version, I use it for windsup and wingsup too. I also happen to paddle on the Seine. I only have one composite board. I don t consider that the board is or has been slowing me down. On the contrary it helped me in allowing me to go in different conditions (from knee high to a bit higher than my self weaker waves) on top of using it for more than supsurfing. Being midaged, non athletic and having never been on… Read more »


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