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SUP Vlogger Ep 21 / A Scottish SUP Expedition with the Water Skills Academy (WSA)

Join Harry as he takes us along on the Water Skills Academy (WSA) Expedition Paddler Course. The course is a four day trip in the stunning Scottish Highlands which is designed for experienced SUPers wishing to expand the paddling to multi-day journeys.

The Water Skills Academy  offer a full range of courses for stand up paddlers, from beginner to advanced levels as well as coaching courses.  They have developed an expert team of coaches to support you through your stand up paddling journey.

Harry joined the WSA for their Expedition Paddler Course in the beautiful Scottish highlands.This course is designed for experienced paddlers who are experienced in a range of conditions however Harry’s Vlog gives a real feel for what to expect on any WSA course.   The instructors on the course – Ben and Cath, take Harry to some beautiful locations in the Highlands, and share their wealth of knowledge on all things from things from safety and rescue techniques, river descents, planning and camping. Everything you need to take you from a SUP day tourer to a SUP explorer.

Going on a SUP course can really help you develop your skills and knowledge in a safe manner to enable you to get the very best out of your paddle boarding.

Why Harry says about his experience:

“This course gives you all of the information you need to ensure you have a successful self-supported multi day expedition on any water type. All of the information provided by the WSA on the course was first class and the instructors were very experienced in SUP expeditions, so I knew the information they provided was relevant and useful. The safety aspects were spot on too. We covered rescue techniques on the first day and on the second day we did a river decent where we were taught techniques for descending river sections safely as a group. There was a short grade 3 rapids section on the river which I found quite intimidating, but our instructors provided safety cover at the right positions and ensured we knew what to do before attempting it. If you are thinking of doing a SUP expedition, I would recommend this course. Or even if you just enjoy paddling in very scenic locations and spending the night out in the wild you will enjoy this course. Its already got me planning my next trip so watch this space…”

Learn more about what the course covers here:

Learn about all available WSA courses

Learn more about the Expedition Paddler Course from course instructor Ben Longhurst.

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