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Aztron 2022 Collection

Aztron have released their full 2022 range!

Aztron Sports have solidified themselves in the water sports market once again with a huge range of boards, gear and accessories now released for 2022. The updated Meteor racing iSUPs catches our eye with widths at 26″ and 27″ in new models. Expect to see more of Aztron’s range as it comes to SUPboarder in 2022.

Aztron: The 2022 new season brings the METEOR 14’0” and METEORLITE 12’6” air SUP race boards to a new level of unmatched performance and speed. These ultimate air SUP race machines slices through the water with an extra narrow board width at only 26” and 27”. All while maintaining AZTRON’s signature Double Chamber construction.

Aztron: We hear you Aztronauts! Look no further for an all-round board that meets all your expectations. Introducing the all new, purpose-driven CALLISTO 10’6″ Epoxy SUP. The advanced epoxy technology with wooden inserts offer the perfect level of performance and control.

Aztron: Carve down the road with your squad. AZTRON Surfskate short or long boards are there for you. In the 2022 season, we’re introducing the ISLAND 30 that offers specialized ATOMIC truck system and concave deck, making it the ideal board for doing awesome tricks.

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