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Voices of SUP – Planet Patrol: Clean Up Our Planet

Travel With A Paddle have teamed up with SUPboarder Magazine to create 'Voices of SUP’, a series of interviews with inspirational people in the stand up paddle community. Hosted by SUP surfing guru Beau Nixon, our next Voice are cleaning up our planet on SUPs, it's Planet Patrol.

In this Voices of SUP, we introduce the non-profit Planet Patrol along with a host of their representatives from around the country to speak about the mission of cleaning up our planet.  Planet Patrol clean our waterways from litter and do this using paddleboards to create a fun and engaging environment.

They’re working to eliminate single use materials and litter, protecting our planet and wildlife for the future. Planet Patrol believe that by working together, collaborating and collecting evidence on litter found polluting the environment, together we can make Governments change policies and hold brands accountable for their actions to stop producing single use items.

That seems like a pretty good thing to be involved with, so Beau sat down and spoke with Planet Patrol’s founder, Lizzie Carr to find out more. We also spoke to four amazing representatives of Planet patrol who run some of their clean up events.

• Nick Judd from Go With The Flo joins us to speak about how a clean up is run.

• James Brennan from The London Stand Up Paddle Company chimes in with how their app works.

• Richard Harpham from Canoe Trail has travelled just about around the world by human powered travel and has seen litter appearing everywhere, so we talk about the amount of trash entering our waterways.

• Jayne Rigby is from Liverpool SUP Co and she finishes off the conversation with 5 top tips for making a difference as an individual.

If you want to join a clean up with Planet Patrol or become involved with organising events or just being a community guardian, make sure to check out their website for more information.
Or if you want make a difference right now, download the app and start recording the litter you see and collect.

Learn More About Planet Patrol

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Brian Rasmussen
Brian Rasmussen
3 years ago

Thanks supboardermag, for spreading this Great Message – and off course Thanks to all the Wonderfull people doing a difference to our Childrens Planet :o)

Reuben Ellis
2 years ago

Thanks Brian, if we all just do a bit it can make a difference

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