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‘Ask the Experts’ Monthly video # 19

As a SUPboarder Pro member you have the ability to ask us any questions about SUP, and get a completely honest and independent answer. The email ‘Ask the Expert’ service is something that many of you have already used and the SUPboarder team have enjoyed guiding you through the world of SUP.

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Richard Sugg
Richard Sugg
2 years ago

Hi guys..thanks for answering my question re: rocker lines…my daughter got a kick listening to it too! As an ‘update’, I’ve decided to go with the new Starboard touring 14’x28″ inflatable. The welded seams (biggee over here where the heat frequently makes boards go pop!) and projected speed difference / less rocker when compared to the SIC were the deciding factors. Of course, with the current demand, deciding and ordering around the time of your video means I’m still eagerly awaiting delivery…I’ll let you know how the board goes speed-wise, and deals with chop compared to my current 2018 12″… Read more »

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