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New NAISH SUP Composite, Foil Board & Paddle Range

Naish have just released their new composite SUP range, along with new foil boards and paddle ranges as well.

It’s always exciting when brands realise their new equipment for the next season. Here we have Naish’s new range of composite equipment which encompasses their all round, race, surf and touring boards.

Naish have also released their new foil board ranges which include the Hover Crossover, Hover Ascend and their Hover inflatable.

Naish also have released an updated range of paddles.

Each paddle features an ergonomic grip handle and comes equipped with our new traction grip for ultimate comfort and a no-slip paddle experience. With adjustability and our patented anti-twist lock mechanism, our new range will suit each and every paddler.

See the range of paddles here

Visit the Naish site

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