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How To Care For Your Wetsuit

In this SUPboarder video, we show you how to care for your wetsuit.

Your wetsuit is an expensive piece of equipment that is key to keeping you warm and enjoying longer sessions. Caring for your wetsuit will make sure it looks after you and lasts throughout many seasons.

• Always rinse out your wetsuit with fresh, cold water after a session
• Hang your wetsuit in the shade
• Use a slide hanger if possible
• Wash your wetsuit with wetsuit shampoo/rinse to clean out bacteria

You can use these techniques on all other neoprene kit such as your gloves, boots, hood, etc. We use Jaws Slosh Wetsuit Shampoo which has natural ingredients to clean your suit and look after the environment.

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3 years ago

Video is spot on. The only think I do in addition is use a couple of fans, one quite strong, to blast on my wetsuit, gloves and booties. The winter gloves and booties tend to get super stinky and literally won’t dry unless I do this. So I make sure they are opened up, and blast them with air from the fan!

3 years ago
Reply to  Beau Nixon

when you live in a Brooklyn, NY apartment, your wife complains about the stinky wetsuits, and it is below freezing outside, you get creative…

Last edited 3 years ago by seanross
Reuben Ellis
2 years ago
Reply to  seanross

Thats a top idea Sean.

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