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GONG HIPE Inflatable foil board / review video

After many requests from our Pro subscribers to get riding and reviewing some Gong products, we finally got our hands on one of the most asked about boards… The Gong HIPE inflatable foil board.

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Olof (@olof)
9 months ago

finally the review, and as always spot on . i have the 7,5 (1,92 and 95 kg). all the positieve and negatief remarks you made i can agree on .

The only thing i want to say . i have been a gong customer for +/- 15 years (hard and inflatable) ,and i have always have good customer service . No problems !

John McLaurin
John McLaurin (@kiterj)
9 months ago

Love the video! Could I request the Gong flint for winging and foilSuping for a future review if planning/able to do more Gong boards? Thanks

Hum3 (@hum3)
9 months ago

Great review guys. I seem to remember reading something about the lack of rear strap to do with Gong not wanting the board to be jumped, but that could be speculation. I guess jumping would put extra strain on the footstrap which might not cope as they are stuck on? Interesting to hear your feedback on how you found this footstrap setup as I choose to wing this way on my bigger (95L) board and enjoy having the freedom to move my back foot around to really put leverage on the rail to put some aggressive turns in but also… Read more »

ICSurf (@icsurf)
9 months ago

Great review! I’ve used the 5’1 85L Hipe for the last 3 months for 50+ sessions exclusively for winging. The 5’1 is only 4″ thick which is less than alot of hardboards. I am 77 to 80 kgs and have loved this little board winging in as little 9 knots to 30 knots. Having learnt (15 to 20 sessions) on a 6’6 hardboard this was my beginner to intermediate board. A few things I’d add to your review. 1) when learning to gybe I fell alot!!! The deck pad and isup construction is really forgiving on your knees! 2) bullet… Read more »

astrauss (@astrauss)
9 months ago

It is possible to fold the edges of the board close to the carbon plate to fit in a smaller bag of 158 linear cm authorized by the airlines together with a Wing and a foil? Thanks!!!

stevo4105 (@stevo4105)
9 months ago

Hello good review as always. I have used the Hipe 5’5″ for the past three months and for me still learning and weighing 100kg the board is perfect. I started with a Fanatic 6’11” sky sup windsurf edition. The Hipes main advantage is the ability to transport it the mile or so to my spot on a bike with a trailer attached. I agree for transporting attach the foil as it makes it easier to carry etc. As you point out the board is virtually bullet proof which is a big advantage compared to my Fanatic composite which seemed to… Read more »

paul seabrook
paul seabrook (@pauls)
8 months ago

so how do i actually view the review? I signed up for Pro but all i get is the 47 second video saying the review is available

Jon Harris
Jon Harris (@jon-harris661gmail-com)
7 months ago

Hi I was wondering how much this board cost by the time you add shipping and all the duties now we have left the EU? Thanks Jon

Steve Grzywacz
Steve Grzywacz (@wingfoilsupsurfnut)
1 month ago
Reply to  Jon Harris

Hi Jon, I purchased direct from their website a beginner’s set up of a Gong Hipe 6’5″ aluminium 90cm large beginner foil and 5m wing and wrist leash, alongisde a waist leash and helmet all for 1310,77€ (150€ of which was the “shipping cost” to the UK from France) in July 20201. So far the board, foil and wing have arrived at the very end of last month (29th Sept.) via DPD, and the extra transport costs so far have been 266.83GBP. Delays were due to knock-on effects in shipping from China during Covid, and some unexpected delays into the… Read more »

Carson King
Carson King
3 months ago

Is there a handle somewhere on this board?

Last edited 3 months ago by Carson King
Beau Nixon
Beau Nixon (@beaunixon)
3 months ago
Reply to  Carson King

Hi Carson, no there is not. The footstraps kind of act as the handle.

andyb (@andyb)
1 month ago
Reply to  Beau Nixon

struggling to see the actual review despite logging off and back on as per comment above

Will Rogers
Will Rogers (@willrogers)
1 month ago
Reply to  andyb

You may need to clear your browser cache to see the full video Andy – unfortunately this is something we can’t control from our side as browsers locally save pages to prevent having to reload. We are working on a better solution.

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