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Fins Do Make A Difference #3 / 1, 2, 3 or 4 Fins

In this SUPboarder Pro series about fins, we test some theories around fins and show you how fins really do make a difference to your paddling. In this episode, we talk you through the number of fins that should be in your board and how you can  play around with the configuration to get a […]

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Levon Scheijbeler
3 years ago

Hi Beau, cool vid and very interesting so see your opinion about the 2+1 / thruster set-up compared to the quad. I’m preferring a quad setup as I found it a bit more stable than a thruster set up and the speed advantage gives me the edge to use them over thrusters. However I’m using a lot of different fins to find the most speed on the wave, therefore I like the phrase of quads have no brakes as an advantage but also as a disadvantage. Brand that I use are Quobba’s, Riptide fins and soon I’ll test the Evafins.… Read more »

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