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Esea Strap – Rapid Release Waist Belt Leash

A new rapid release waist belt leash has been designed by ESEA Strap.

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We love paddle boarding so much, nothing beats it, though it is important to have a good understanding of safety, your surroundings and what to do in an emergency.

The Rapid Release Waist Belt is designed for free flowing water conditions and helps simplify the process of releasing yourself from your board/leash in an emergency.

Now, sometimes in those moments, we may not think clearly or have much time to react, that’s why our Waist Belt has two Rapid Release toggles to make it super easy to use in a panic.

The primary release option is on the buckle located directly at the front of the waist belt. It simply needs a pull on the red toggle and then the buckle releases and the belt can be removed.

The secondary release option is Velcro and is located to the left of the buckle. Should for whatever reason the Primary release option fails or a faster escape is needed, the secondary toggle can be ripped with one strong pull and the entire belt will fall away.

Another important design on our leashes is the extendable webbed leash itself. The beauty of this is that the leash does not drag in the water when in use. This is important because it’s entirely possible the reason you need to release your leash would be that it just got caught on something in the water. The elasticated leash helps to avoid this altogether.

Just like the original Esea Strap, the Rapid Release Waist Belt has the built in carry loop for your paddle board with the same handy adjustable buckle on the nose loop which allows you to slacken or tighten depending on the shape of your paddle board. This is really useful and important to adjust to find that optimum position for carrying your SUP.

The leash comes in different sizes too.

Learn more about this leash

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3 years ago

An dangling ball near crotch height….is this really targeted on suppers or do they also aim on new markets? LOL.

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