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How To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone / A Casual Chat

Beau sits down and chats about how you can safely step outside of your comfort zone. Reflecting on prior experiences, Beau provides insight into three key elements we all need to understand and think about when stepping outside of your comfort zone. The only way we will progress with our SUP ability, is to step […]

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chris Sly
chris Sly
2 years ago

Thanks Beau, some really encouraging words there! That tackles my ‘ask the experts’ question I posted in…one other thought – I think going out with someone of a higher ability who is therefore more confident can do wonders for moving outside your comfort zone…the problem for me surfing in the wilds of Ireland is finding someone!!! Your thoughts on gradual progression are definitely helpful though

2 years ago

Good video Beau. The chest tightness you mentioned is a bit of an issue for these types of activities. I found menthol sweets really help, but it seems to be more of a distraction technique really. Been pushing into bigger waves my self, but unfortunately injured at the moment so no surfing for me at the moment.

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