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Hard Nose cones on iSUP’s… Do they work? Jonny tells all / SUPboarder Pro

In this SUPboarder Pro video Jonny Hebert talks hard noses on iSUPs, and whether they are something that will make our paddling experience easier and more enjoyable.

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1 month ago

Thanks for the video. Very interesting. I will have to see if these are available in Canada

jonathan Hebert
jonathan Hebert
22 days ago
Reply to  cam

cheers Cam 🙂
let us know if you find any boards like this in Canada , especially if it’s a different Brand

stay safe and happy paddling

Jonny 🙂

Giorgio Borgonovo
Giorgio Borgonovo
26 days ago

Thank you Jonny, although through a much limited experience, I totally agree with you. After testing quite a bit of inflatable SUP boards (including very expensive ones), looking for my ideal “long tours” board, I eventually settled with an Itiwit 13×31 X900 Expedition board, which I’m actually quite happy with. Extremely rigid, very stable, pretty good tracking (improved with a better fin) and quite good glide, about 6km/h along 3-6 hours paddlings. This until one day, while hopping around on my paddleboard, I met with a guy who was riding an Itiwit R500 14×27 Race board, which is indeed very… Read more »

jonathan Hebert
jonathan Hebert
22 days ago

Hi Giorgio Thank you so much for your reply 🙂 I absolutely love that you met a fellow paddler and swapped boards for a test, this is by far the best way to try all different bits of kit and really installs what a great community we have. Buying race boards is what we had to do until recently to get that performance touring feel, so going with the R500 is a great shout (it does have a really nice nose and i wish it was in this test) , i wouldnt worry about a longer fin too much as… Read more »

Leigh Boxall
Leigh Boxall
20 days ago

Finally got time to sit and watch the video and so glad I did as ever Jonny your knowledge and passion shines through. Having borrowed the Saimaa for some ocean touring and novice racing, I’m absolutely sold on the hard nose concept. As you say, it feels like you’ve shaved a couple of inches off the width of the board in terms of the glide and speed you can get. I was so impressed with its ability to cope with messy chop and just cut through the water. As I’m a similar size to Donna, I do feel these boards… Read more »

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