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Our first family SUP Camping Adventure / SUPboarder vlog

Its been on our SUP bucket list for a while now but our first family SUP camping adventure has definitely got us wanting more!

With the perfect weather window approaching and Izzy desperate to do some camping, we planned our first family SUP adventure. It would involve a one way paddle route with an overnight beach camp spot.  We took all our food and equipment with us, leaving nothing but footsteps in the sand along the way.

We hope this inspires you to try your own family SUP adventure. It has definitely made us realise that there are so many more adventures to be had as a family with a SUP!

Remember :

  • Start off small with a short distance.
  • Paddle an area that you know well.
  • Do your research – understand your tides (if on the sea) and weather conditions.
  • Stay in your comfort zone and plan for every possibility and exist route. This is very important especially when paddling with kids!
  • Tell other people where you are going and your plans and route.
  • Take your time and enjoy every moment.

We also tracked our paddle on the GeoSUP app – Day 1 / Day 2 .
It also has a great function allowing you to ‘Share your location’ with others, so they can watch where you are live at any point on your adventure. A great safety feature too.




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3 years ago

Hi, we have been following you on YouTube for some time, we are a family of 4 and LOVED this post, really inspiring!

this is something we would absolutely want to build up to, but its really reassuring to know that it can be done!

great work by you all,

Stay safe


3 years ago

Hi, great video! Would love to do that exact route with the family, as it looks idyllic! One quick question – Is it legal to stay on the beach overnight and camp? Or do you have to obtain permission?

Many thanks

Will Rogers
3 years ago
Reply to  Russell

Hi Russell, This beach is pretty secluded and no one probably even knew that anyone was camping on it…. But in general the legality of camping on beaches should be thought about in the following way… Firstly – depends where you are in the world. Each country has a different rule. For example. In England and Wales there is no ‘right to roam’ so its not illegal if you ask the land owners permission and get it. In Scotland there is a ‘right to roam’ so its legal to camp anywhere. So, In England and Wales it comes down to… Read more »

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