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Practicing SUP step back turns on land / How to SUP video

If you’re finding yourself with a little less water time than usual, don’t stress, it can be the perfect time to practise some SUP manoeuvres and techniques on dry land, getting you ready for when you do hit the water again. In this video Reuben gives you some tips to help make those step back turns or buoy turns. You can set yourself up to do this anywhere… in the garden or inside your house. Practising on land over and over again will increase your muscle memory, so when you get back on the water you will find it so much easier to do.

Top tips and things to practise

  • Time your paddle strokes with your body movements
  • Keep over the centre line of the board as you move up and down it
  • Try and work out how many steps/or movements you need to do, to get to the back of the board
  • The further back on the board you go the faster you will turn, but the less stable the board will feel!
  • Doing wide paddle strokes will turn the board faster and smoother
  • If you can, try and look up. It’s hard to do but it will help with your balance

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