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Inflatable SUP V inflatable Kayak / What are the Pros and Cons?

Should you buy an inflatable SUP or kayak? In this video Reuben explains the pros and cons of each to help you decide which would best suit you and your paddling.

The Sandbanks Style Ultimate 10’6 iSUP and Single Seater Explorer Kayak, both have the same inflatable drop stitch construction, and are both good sizes for beginners wanting to get into watersports. Using them both has been really interesting and highlighted many factors which paddlers should definitely not overlook when deciding between an iSUP or inflatable kayak. Whichever you decide remember to also consider the SUP/kayak dimensions to ensure it is stable enough, and suitable for your weight and paddling ability.

We hope this video helps with your decision making, so you can have a fun and safe time out on the water.


iSUP – easy to carry inflated / good multipurpose use / easier to flip back over & climb back on / good underwater viewing / you stay fairy dry (if you don’t fall in!)

Kayak – easier for beginners / easier to paddle straight & use in choppy & windy conditions / able to carry lots of cargo

Both are easy to store and transport deflated


iSUP – more difficult for less confident beginners as requires good balance / tricky in choppy & windy conditions / cargo carrying ability limited to bungee & deck space

Kayak – more awkward to carry inflated / less multipurpose / harder to flip back over & climb back on / not such good underwater viewing / splashes & paddle drips can make you pretty wet!

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11 months ago

I prefer my pack raft over the kayak. Its far more comfortable to sit. I stuff things under the seat to raise my height to 12 or so inches .More stable and its much lighter than any kayak. It can carry tons of gear. If you are not in a rush its a great boat. Finally when I become homeless I can put my packraft in my grocery cart 🙂

11 months ago

I am very comfortable kneeling so I sometimes use my packraft paddle with my SUP for extra speed if I need it.

11 months ago

I really think sup tourers should carry a pack raft paddle with them as a spare. Mine breaks into 5 pieces. It is very light and compact and I can make it narrow or wide.I could probably leave off one blade and use it as a sup paddle although I havent tried this yet. If I do touring in the future I will bring it as a back up. If the weather goes bad I can get to shore fast.

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