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Readers Video Breakdown ‘Paddle straight with power’

In this SUPboarder Pro readers video breakdown we look at a clip from Georgie who wants to paddle straighter and with more power. Georgie is paddling an RRD Air Touring 12′ with a Starboard Enduro paddle, blade size 525cm2.

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5 years ago

Useful tips, thanks

4 years ago

This was a great video thanks, look forward to seeing more of these. Just a few questions and remarks; You mention getting the blade deeper to reduce flutter. Should we extend our paddle to do this or get lower or both? I’ve got a small blade (81sq in) and still sometimes get flutter. Should we push down more with our top hand? You use the mouse cursor to try and point some things out. It would be great if you can draw over the frame to give a better visual. There are pen and annotation apps, it would help me… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

That’s great thanks! I was out quite a bit yesterday trying to work things out, no definite answer yet, but felt less flutter reducing the paddle length and thus getting lower with my body. I did record a bunch of video to send off from different angles, then spotted it was 10 seconds to 2 mins you wanted, I thought it was 2 mins to 10 mins! haha, plenty more cutting required and maybe a friend to get a better angle from a distance. I plan to go out in the wet tonight, not best conditions for practice but I’ll… Read more »

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