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The Great Route & the Zero Emission Project

Climate change & the hidden beauty of Greenland’s remote west coast

Stand Up Paddler, adventurer and environmental activist Michael Walther sets off with filmmaker Maximilian Stolarow and photographer Daniell Bohnhof to find the hidden beauty of Greenland’s remote west coast. They follow the ancient ‘Great Route’ that Inuit ancestors have travelled before them. Their goal was to find out more about climate change in the high north and to get in touch with locals. On their way, they met the inspiring Valdemar Petersen, who had some stories and poems to tell. Ultimately they find a region that needs to be protected.

“"We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it." (US President Barack Obama in 2015)”
The Zero Emission Project

Since 2008, we have been pursuing two goals with our projects. With our extreme water sports projects we want to show the possibilities of climate-friendly technologies and clarify that it is often a matter of will and not of skill when we try to achieve goals – on board and on climate protection.

In recent years it has also become apparent that there is a great need for advice on the subject of environmental and climate protection in companies, associations, schools and other initiatives. In presentations, Michael Walther will show climate-friendly options for action or give concrete advice to companies on which steps can be taken to increase environmental protection.

(In this video we notice Michael is not wearing a leash. Remember, we always recommend wearing a leash when paddleboarding, with the exception of paddling in moving water or in Michael’s case when paddling around moving icebergs! He has however taken other safety precautions.)

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