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Want to paddle further or faster? / Choosing the best board width for you

It’s a very popular question that many of you are asking when moving down from your mid length boards, to longer and thinner boards. But not knowing really where to start when it comes to width and how narrow you can go.

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Leigh Boxall
Leigh Boxall
12 days ago

Thanks Reuben!

I’m really keen to go to a 25 or 26 inch wide isup, but I haven’t found many (any) options that also come in the thinner 4’75 or 5 inch depth that I prefer over the normal 6 inch depth boards.

Are you aware of any?

Leigh Boxall
Leigh Boxall
9 days ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

Thanks so much! Yes indeed have pondered a gladiator kids board. I’m currently using a 12’6 gladiator pro light, which is 29 wide and the thinner depth. Fascinated to know what difference it would make to go narrower, but have to compromise a little on length. I’m guessing not a significant enough difference to make it worth buying another board… but would be keen to try.

Maybe a head to head of intermediate / race kids boards?!

Mik van Es
Mik van Es
12 days ago

The table suggest a relation between rider weight and board width. I don’t think that idea is valid. The width of a board is important for speed and stability. But most paddlers tend to chose a board that is too narrow. The result is that you don’t feel safe and stable and that results in wrong paddling technique. The end result is that you are learning a cramped way of paddling, that is almost impossible to unlearn. Better start with a board that feels very stable.Take your time, paddle a lot and then move up one or two inches a… Read more »

Mon Jef Peeters
Mon Jef Peeters
4 days ago

Thanks for the video. I’m curious if you have a sense of the relative speed differences for changes in width. Assuming the narrower board doesn’t result in falls or significant instability to hamper paddle technique/ability (E.g., a 14′ Allstar in 26″ vs. 24.5″ vs. 23″, if you had a ride that could handle the 23″, how much slower would they be on the wider models?). I am contemplating a new/narrower board and curious how much faster it could be.


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