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Wings, foils and lots of air time! / The more extreme side of wing surfing!

This latest video from Alex Aguera shows you what’s going on at Hood River and the Hawaiian Islands with wing surfing right now. Aswell as plenty of speed, fun freestyle and downwinding, jumps and getting lots of air time is going to be a big part of this sport for sure.

Using a foil can give you so much pop and lift into the air, you really can launch yourself upwards. But unlike a windsurfer or a kite where you can control the glide in the air and make a graceful landing, due to the wings relatively small surface area you do tend to come down with much more speed. We are sure this will change in time but for now…. Wings can gracefully go up, but not so gracefully come down!

What are you thoughts on this? We would love to know.

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4 years ago

The aerial off the lip and back onto the same wave looks cool, also love the way the wing can be held in a neutral position when riding a wave. So much more development to come from these things although I think more rigidity along the main spar is needed to allow more control in the air, especially when landing!

4 years ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

I’ve been close to it a few times Reuben but after all the money I’ve spent on windsurf foiling… might wait a bit! If I invest I will definitely be getting a sup foil board and foil to really make it worthwhile so I certainly agree with that Supboarder verdict. Another point though is that I really think these wing things will tempt more fence sitters into sup foiling! So it’s a positive that the foils are getting more and more user friendly and the wing development will compliment that too.

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