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Trent100 Stories: Red Paddle Co Mini Film

Red Paddle Co are the official sponsor of the TRENT100 CHALLENGE for 2024, and so for a preview of next year’s event, they rewind to the 2023 edition and share a mini-documentary that captures the endurance, grit, and camaraderie that coursed through the Trent100.

What is the Trent100?
In case you didn’t know already, the Trent100 Challenge invites teams of between three and eight to stand-up paddleboard 100km through the Midlands from Great Hayward in Staffordshire to Nottingham. Teams must complete the course together, within 20 hours over two days. Taking on the elements and paddling as a team, against the clock, the Trent100 Challenge is an epic event.

Go with the flow
The UK’s third longest river, the River Trent is said to be named after a Celtic word meaning ‘strongly flooding’. So paddleboarding downstream on a free-flowing river, hazards include strainers, shallows and even a few short sections of lightly-graded rapids. Plus there are portages around weirs and locks and the notoriously unreliable English summer weather to contend with. It’s a real test of endurance. But at its heart, it’s all about the paddlers…

Why the Trent100?
The essence of the Trent100 Challenge mirrors everything we love about paddleboarding. It’s a great adventure, a call to stretch beyond comfort zones, to do something amazing, paddling together for a common goal. As we move towards 2024, our ambition is to inspire capable paddlers to upgrade their adventure and join in this remarkable challenge. We invite you to be a part of an iconic endurance paddleboarding event that has rightfully earnt its place as a British SUP classic.

Join The Adventure
Feeling the flow of anticipation? Up to the challenge? Does the spirit of camaraderie appeal? Will you be amongst the adventurers at Trent100 in 2024? We invite you to join us, creating memories to last a lifetime, from the first stroke to the last. REGISTER NOW via the Trent100 website for the Trent100 Challenge – Friday 19th to Saturday 20th July 2024.

Register For 2024 TRENT100

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