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Jeri Wingfoil Cup 
/ 5-9 December 2023

From the 5th to the 9th of December, Vila Kalango will host the 2nd edition of the Jeri Wingfoil Cup, which will include the final stage of the WingFoil Racing World Cup 2023 as well as the Final of the Brazilian WigFoil Championship 2023. 

The most renowned athletes of the sport are traveling around the world in search of the podium, and the champions will be crowned in Jericoacoara, at the final stage of the Race World Championship. The competition is governed by the IWSA (International Wing Sports Association) and sanctioned by World Sailing (International Sailing Federation), which is responsible for regulating the global standards of sailing competitions, including the Olympic Games. In its second edition, the championship also includes the final of the Brazilian circuit of race and freestyle / wave, organised by ABWING (Brazilian Wing Association) with the support of CBVela (Brazilian Sailing Confederation).

Jericoacoara is well-known for its perfect sailing conditions, and it is the favorite destination for many windsurfers, kitesurf and wingfoil riders who come from all over the world to enjoy the steady and endless wind and warm sea water. The Jeri Wingfoil Cup is a key event on the region’s calendar, attracting not just interest and curiosity, but also the full support of the community and businesses.

This year, Sebrae – the Brazilian service for small and medium-sized businesses – is involved in the creation of issues concerning the preservation of the region and the need for responsible tourism. 
 The S.E.R Institute, in collaboration with Sebrae, will be on hand to mediate socio-environmental activities with the community and the wider public.

Watch the world's best wing foil athletes fight for the championship

Watch 2022 Jeri Wingfoil Cup Highlights

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/ 5-9 December 2023

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