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How to load your SUP / The importance of considering weight distribution

This info may be obvious to some. But we know there are many of you paddlers out there who haven’t even given this a thought! You just load your big dry bag under the front bungee for the duration of your paddle, stand by the boards handle and off you go! But you really should give it some thought, because it can make your paddling all the more enjoyable, and easier too.

The extra length and width commonly found with a touring board, provides plenty of deck space for carrying extra luggage, whether it be extra bags or your dog/child who wants to come along for the adventure too.

Well designed touring boards will have plenty of bungee tie downs, to not only allow you to safely and securely carry those extra bags, but also to give you the option of repositioning that extra weight when paddling in different conditions.

It’s important to consider where both your body and cargo weight positions are on the board when paddling in different conditions, to get the most efficiency out of your board and your paddling. This might mean moving your body position on the board, your bag positions or both. 

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