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Foil Drive Assist Plus – Full Review

Foiling can be a tricky discipline to master and any tool that is available to support progression is worth a look at. Foil Drive have been leading the way here with their Foil Drive Assist and Assist Plus products. SUPboarder tester Gavin Symonds has been using the Assist PLUS for a few months and we follow his journey and give you a good review of this innovative product.

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Jed Crystal
Jed Crystal
9 months ago

How secure was the battery box with the grunt strap and cords? I assume you did not use velcro also…right?

gavin symonds
gavin symonds
9 months ago
Reply to  Jed Crystal

HI Jed. we tested the drive on a few boards and the only one we used the velcro was on the Armstrong board the others we only used the straps and cord. I have to say the only time it came off the board was with the velcro, this was only as I used the minimum amount go get it on the board. the kit also comes with a plate that you can more permanently attach but we didn’t want to use that. it depends on how much you are going to use if a permanent addition then id go… Read more »

Rory Bell
Rory Bell
4 months ago

Thanks – really helpful. I have a couple of questions please:

Do you think it would be helpful for a novice winger?

Does the stability that comes with motion mean you could run a narrower ‘downwind’ style board? I noted you were more comfortable on a (?wider) wing board..

Gavin Symonds
Gavin Symonds
4 months ago
Reply to  Rory Bell

The boards we used in the video were a mix of what we had at supboarder HQ as my wing board was too small for me to use as a supsurf board. The bonus of this I got to try out a few different styles of board, as you get momentum from the drive you can go smaller than you normally would. For your question in winging yes you could use a smaller / narrower board for wing as the wing gives you the balance and and in that use the drive would only be used to get on foil… Read more »

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