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My first flatwater SUP foil session with Aidan Nicholas from Armstrong / Will I get up?!

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Trying something new is always exciting... How hard will it be? Is it even going to be possible?! Well, these were just some of the questions I was thinking when I heard that Armstrong team rider Aidan Nicholas was coming down to visit and teach me how to SUP foil on flatwater for the first time.

At SUPboarder we have been on foils in various forms for a few years now. But there was a new side to this foiling sport which I hadn’t tried yet… until now! With the progression to longer, thinner boards and wider more high aspect ratio foils, riders are getting out on smaller waves, lighter winds and also paddling themselves up onto the foil on flat water… known as the flatwater pop up.

In this video you are seeing my very first flatwater pop up session, with some very good pointers from Aidan and top end gear from Armstrong. There’s no doubt that having good, well set up gear and a pro at my side were definitely a major part to my claimed flights! But also having a good understanding of how to paddle shorter SUPs really does help.

This side of the foil sport will be a very interesting one to watch. Having the ability to take longer boards with bigger foils (like the Armstrong set up I was using) and ride very small waves or in very light wind conditions, maybe doing downwinding and surfing, will open up a huge arena for paddlers to play in. We will be following it very closely for sure, so keep an eye out on SUPboarder for more videos and posts in the future.

Thanks to Tris Best and Aidan Nicholas from Armstrong for coming down and letting me have a play on some very nice toys! I learnt a lot and had lots of fun!

Gear used
1675 PF front wing
220 Glide Stab
875mm Mast
96L DW board

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2 months ago

Great effort Reubs. I was sitting in my office chair on the boat offshore… I found myself bouncing my upper body trying to help you along. I think Tris should have had a go on camera too! I knew there would be glide and push fwds without the paddle but it’s surprising how much with one pump. A long way from you and Will on that first Naish foil board many moons ago. The equipment and the rider technique have come a long way since then!
2 months ago

Great vid!
I started this month with DW supfoiling and paddle ups. Its addicting!

2 months ago

Hi Reuben, great video and congtaulations, amazing job to get on foil in your first attempts, WAO!!! One question Reuben. I mostly wingfoil and sometimes sup surf in waist to chest high waves. For sup surf foil I normally use the 6.4 x31 132l but I am thinking to sell it and use the 7.7 x 21 instead but my concern is if it will be too difficult to control in the waves, if its turny as the 6.4 x 31 and if I can manage it well once caught in a broken wave. I dont know if I will… Read more »

Will Rogers
2 months ago
Reply to  Ramon

Hey Ramon, like Reuben says we will be trying the Ace soon…. my prediction though is that as the foil boxes are far forward in these new generation of boards, the Swing weight will not be too bad… lets see!

2 months ago
Reply to  Will Rogers

Thx Reuben, thx Will, I have decided to sell my sup foil board 6.4×33 132l and keep the dw 7.7×21 121l. That way I will spend more time on the dw board and get used to it more and more, my idea is to use it in small surf (waist to chest), light wind winging (super fun and fast), sup downwinding (little bit more complicated because far less people doing this) and flat water pop ups (super cardio and workout). By the way, will subscribe again to Subboarderpro as the content in foiling is getting interesting 🙂 In the surf… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Ramon
Olly Stevens
Olly Stevens
2 months ago

Boat looking great!!!!

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