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SUP Twelve – Results & Recap

The inaugural SUP endurance event, SUP Twelve, took place on the 1st April in the UK. Read on for the full results. Congratulations to everyone who entered and for raising funds for the Above Water charity.

The anticipated SUP Twelve event took place last weekend and was a huge success. Brendon Prince was the brainchild behind this SUP endurance event which saw competitors complete as many laps as they could over a 3.5km course within 12 hours. Starting at 7am on the 1st April, 2023, paddlers were greeted with windy and challenging conditions but that didn’t deter the 27 strong field as they all took to the water for charity and the chance to become the first winner of SUP Twelve.

Fox Butler went hard and fast on the very first lap to secure the fastest lap time of 17:14. Fox went on to finish the 12 hour event in 3rd place. 2nd position was PJ Simmons and coming in 1st was Bruce Smith who smashed out 30 laps. The top female competitor was Emily Evans who finished 5th overall after completing 25 laps.

Full results can be found here.

SUPjunkie and SUPfm were covering the event with their live streams and updates, so check out their Facebook pages for more info.

All profits from the event went to the charity Above Water who promote drowning prevention and water safety.

For more information on Above Water

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