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Our biggest gear tip for beginner foilers

Whether you’re just about to get into foiling, or you’re an intermediate foiler that is struggling to really feel comfortable when flying, make sure you hear our biggest foiling tip to help make foiling as easy as possible.

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1 year ago

Thanks Reuben, I wish I had seen this when I started. There are so many components and options it’s hard to know what to buy. It takes so much more energy to nearly make it up! I’m a dozen or so sessions in and I fly a fair bit (thanks to your flying in lighter winds video) but I really need to make it a bit easier for myself.

1 year ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

All my kit is Gong stuff. “Large” front foil, which is around 1600cm2. 80cm mast, 5M wing and a 120l Lance board. It’s all great stuff for the price but it can be hard to understand the combination of words they use online and I think I would have been better off with an “XL” foil, which I think is 1900cm2. I hover between 70 and 75kg and the spot I’m foiling at is on the Adur river at the end of Shoreham airport runway, it’s pretty safe and convenient at high tide (plus there is a handy wind sock!)… Read more »

1 year ago

Great content as usual, which I fully concur with. I am a windsurfer since the 1980’s, and have been a paddleboarder for 10 years surfing and flatwater touring. Wingfoiling is nothing like the other sports. I have just changed my set up after about 12 months. I have been using an Axis 1060 Broad Spectrum Carve (1803 actual area), 400 stabiliser on a standard fuselage (765cm long). This set up felt really stable especially through the gybes. I also learned how to pump onto the plane using both the foil and the wing. I have now changed to the 970… Read more »

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